Best Quality Replica Hublot Partners with Depeche Mode for the Spirit of Big Bang “Memento Mori”

The English electronic music band Depeche Mode has had a longstanding partnership with perfect replica Hublot, coming together to create limited edition watches sold to support various good causes, including raising public awareness and funds for environmental and humanitarian efforts. Their collaboration began 14 years ago with a series of watches featuring unique dials reflecting the band’s albums.

Now, as Depeche Mode releases its latest album, this classic collaboration is making a return. The latest offering from luxury fake Hublot is the Spirit of the Big Bang Depeche Mode, featuring a skull motif in homage to the band’s latest album, Memento Mori.

An interesting moonphase
While the skull motif is a common theme in watches, the 1:1 fake Hublot Big Bang Depeche Mode manages to distinguish itself with a more genuine backstory. The band had previously taken a hiatus, but they broke their silence last year with the release of the new album “Memento Mori” and a tour, partly in honor of the passing of one of its members. The band had already planned the album “Memento Mori,” and the tragic incident solidified their determination to bring the album to fruition as a reminder for people to live life to the fullest.

Putting the backstory aside, objectively speaking about the Swiss movement replica Hublot’s inherent quality, there is one commendable feature: the collaboration is executed in a thoughtful manner with good continuity. Fourteen years ago, the very first collaborative edition was also based on an album, with the themes of the album depicted on the dial. The skull on the latest watch follows this tradition. Furthermore, the top super clone Hublot features black studs on the bezel, which is also a motif found repeatedly in earlier collaborative editions, such as the Big Bang Depeche Mode with a chronograph.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is the execution of the dial, which is creatively done with pyramid-shaped markers echoing the hobnail bezel. More importantly, the skull features mini beads that flow within as you move your wrist.

All-black ceramic
Another notable feature of this watch is its all-black palette. However, Swiss movement replica Hublot’s all-black aesthetic feels particularly special compared to other brands’ offerings because it was one of the original brands to make such a palette popular. The Big Bang All Black was a massive hit when it was released in 2006 and had a significant impact on the market.

But more importantly, the latest Depeche Mode edition’s case isn’t just another black PVD-coated steel case; it’s a genuine black ceramic case. This means the color won’t fade with scratches. The adoption of ceramic as the case material also sets it apart from many other all-black super clone watches online on the market.

Despite the ceramic material, the case retains a significant amount of detail such as faceted surfaces and bevels, done in contrasting finishes such as polished and sandblasted. This is notable since ceramic is more challenging to finish. Additionally, the buckle is also ceramic, which is unusual as most ceramic copy watches for sale opt for a PVD-coated metal buckle.


Chinese New Year kicks off on February 10th under the sign of the Wood Dragon. A spirit of power and good luck characterizes this period said to be highly-auspicious, up until January 28th, 2025. Will watchmaking enjoy this boon? Well, while we wait for the final verdict, a host of limited editions are rolled out to celebrate the event. Swiss made replica Hublot‘s Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon stands out among them all with the incredible illustration of the legendary creature decorating its dial.

This creation was entrusted to the artist Chen Fenwan, a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. This cheap fake Hublot takes on her chromatic pink-dominated world and draws its inspiration from the paper sculpting technique she masters. The finished design breathes life into spectacular multi-level scenography.

The HUB1710 caliber beats inside the 42 mm-diameter, satin-brushed and polished titanium case, waterproof to depths of 100 meters. This Swiss movement copy Hublot’s selfwinding movement, assembled using some 166 components, delivers autonomy of 50 hours to the hour and minute hands, when the watch isn’t being worn. The Loong‘s body winds its way over a surprising strap clasped by a folding buckle. To obtain a dragon-skin pattern, perfect replica Hublot used hand-crafted rubber marquetry for the first time ever. As such, the scales are infused with the hues of the dial, thanks to the nano-vulcanization technique. Perfect for molting in up-to-the-minute style.

Perfect Replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon Celebrates Chinese New Year

Whether it’s a case made from neon yellow SAXEM or a dial composed of a gemstone-studded rainbow flower, luxury watchmaker luxury replica Hublot has earned a reputation for bold, colourful creations that push the limits of modern materials. It should come as no surprise, then, that for its annual tribute to the Chinese Lunar New Year, the brand wasn’t content to work within the confines of a typical palette. Instead, best 1:1 fake Hublot tapped Chinese artist Chen Fenwan to create the new Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon, a limited-edition timepiece with a pink, purple, and silver dial inspired by the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting.

2024 (or 4722 in the Chinese calendar) is the year of the Wood Dragon. The mythical creature combines the eyes of a prawn, the horns of a deer, the mouth of a bull, the nose of a dog, the whiskers of a catfish, the mane of a lion, the tail of a snake, the scales of a fish, and the claws of an eagle.

The art of paper cutting, which has been practiced since the invention of paper more than 2,000 years ago, is another important aspect of Chinese culture and is listed among UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Chen Fenwan, who is a specialist in this technique, used her skills to create a tribute to Chinese culture and Swiss watchmaking. The result is a dial featuring a multi-layered dragon’s head composed of watchmaking parts and Swiss movement replica Hublot’s signature H-shaped screws, and a detailed strap containing the dragon’s tail.

Limited to just 88 pieces (a number associated with good luck in Chinese culture) the new high quality replica Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon features a 42 mm titanium case containing a HUB1710 automatic movement with a power reserve of 50 hours. In another first for cheap super clone Hublot, the dragon’s silhouette extends onto the rubber strap in a rubber marquetry motif composed of coloured and nano-vulcanized scales, each of which is painstakingly applied by hand.

The top quality fake Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon is the latest from Hublot in what has become an annual tradition to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. The previous edition, co-created by Chinese Artist Wen Na, marked the Year of the Rabbit with a dial decorated with a scene of frolicking cartoon bunnies and hour markers drawn from the ancient Chinese calendar of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. Before that, Swiss super clone Hublot celebrated the Year of the Tiger with the Big Bang Carbon Gold Tiger, which was the first Spirit of Big Bang with a case made of frosted carbon and 18-carat yellow gold. Given the ever-increasing creativity of each of these pieces, whoever Hublot replica for sale taps for next year’s limited edition dedicated to the Year of the Snake will have a tough act to follow.