Muggers Steal Tourist’s $1m Black Diamond Luxury Fake Hublot Watches Online

A US tourist had his unique $1m Swiss made Hublot replica watches – set with over 32 carats of black diamonds – snatched from his wrist in Barcelona.

He suffered minor injuries in the incident outside the five-star Mercer Hotel, where he is believed to have been staying.

Unconfirmed reports identify the stolen watches as high quality fake Hublot Black Caviar Bang.

The US perfect replica Hublot watches is described by its Swiss makers as a world first, with a completely invisible setting.

The white gold one-piece case of the best copy Hublot watches is entirely covered in black diamonds. It took over 2,000 hours of work to create and includes 544 baguette diamonds on the case, dial, crown and clasp.

According to one local report, victim was returning to his hotel after lunch at a nearby restaurant when he was targeted.

The case is made of 18K white gold set with 322 black diamond baguettes (25.11 cts) for the AAA wholesale super clone Hublot watches, the crown is set with 13 black diamond baguettes (1.7 cts) and the dial is set with 179 black diamond baguettes (5.48 cts).

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