Swiss Movement Replica Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

This 50-piece limited edition was one of the models that impressed many at the Watches and Wonders 2023 fair in Geneva. Weighing a featherweight 68g (you could see everyone’s surprise when they held the watch), the perfect replica Hublot comprises two complications of the tourbillon and micro-rotor. While the latter is not considered a true complication to some, its skeletonised structure and three-day full power reserve will change any sceptic’s mind.

For added protection and peace of mind for the wearer, luxury fake Hublot has covered the casing with Texalium, comprising a new fusion of materials fusing a fibreglass core with a thin top layer of aluminium. The fibreglass is then integrated into a special resin to provide impact resistance, while the aluminium is 99.99 per cent pure and scratch-resistant.

Bringing together the interwoven nature of carbon fibre and Texalium with the HUB6035 manufacture calibre, AAA quality replica Hublot created an exclusive openwork back plate for this watch – the only one in the world with a monobloc component of this kind.

The movement is inserted in a 43mm carbon fibre case. With this construction, the watch head (case and calibre only) weighs just 42g, which means Swiss movement copy Hublot Big Bang has proven that a robust watch doesn’t always equate to a hefty one.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in-house, the strap alone weighs a mere 26g, making it one of the lightest in the market today. Thanks to a perfect integration with the case, it’s extremely comfortable. Each link is individually machined and finished to achieve the perfect surface quality – a real feat since its composite materials of Texalium and carbon fibre each responds differently to cutting, machining and chamfering.

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