Just How Does 1:1 Replica Hublot Make Watches From Red Ceramic?

In 2018, perfect replica Hublot made history. It likes doing that. So, when the marque released its first ever high-tech piece in a flaming red ceramic, watch-y circles weren’t at all surprised by the surprise. Under the steer of CEO Jean-Claude Biver – a man often credited for the revival of both Omega and Blancpain – luxury fake Hublot has become something of a subverter in (relatively) conservative horological circles. And the opening of 2020 was no different, with Swiss made replica Hublot doubling down on red ceramic in the form of the Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic.

With a design and movement entirely developed by cheap super clone Hublot’s in-house time (a general marker of a watch is of a high quality, since it’s engine hasn’t been outsourced), the limited edition was unveiled at LVMH Watch Week in Dubai to plenty calling it one of the best super clone watches of 2020. Now, you can get it.

What makes the high quality fake Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic so covetable isn’t just its production run of 100 pieces. Like its predecessor, the vibrant ceramic material is what adds collectibility here – a painstaking process achieved only by precise temperature control.

“Ceramic is traditionally sintered at a very high temperature, almost 2000°C. That means coloured pigments added to the ceramic powder burn at this point,” a spokesperson from Swiss movement replica Hublot‘s research and development department tells Esquire (they’d give you their name, but that’d be telling wouldn’t it). “This is why ceramics are always the same colour: black, grey brown, dark blue, dark green and so on. For the red, we needed to find a solution to decrease the sintering temperature to keep the pigment safe.

“So we decided to change the pressure of a small quantity of heat during the sintering process by pressing the ceramic powder. This allowed us to lower the temperature, and the pigment wasn’t burnt.”

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