Swiss replica Hublot and Samuel Ross join forces once again for the Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A

To call the cheap fake Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross tame would be a serious understatement, but it’s an example of extremity being made accessible through restraint. Following on from the perfect replica Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross of last year, this new references ditches the high-concept rubber skin and presents itself as a much more versatile, albeit still very much avant-garde wristwatch.

Samuel Ross is a designer who above all knows how to collaborate. Through his fashion label A-Cold-Wall*, he’s worked with the likes of Nike, Converse, Dr Martens, and Timberland, infusing them with his signature bleak colour palettes and geometric sharpness. With aaa quality replica Hublot, who value artistry far above anything like affordability, Ross has had the freedom to design a case unlike any other and include one of watchmaking’s loftiest complications. Made entirely from micro-blasted titanium, the 44mm case has been poked full of hexagonal, honeycomb-like holes. This is a tribute to natural geometry, and the hexagonal shapes which can occur organically. Not only is it a wild design, but it also further lightens the already lightweight properties of the metal by effectively turning the case into a mesh cage. Its micro-blasted finish gives the whole thing a dull sheen, hinting at otherworldly, industrial atmospheres.

Within the multi-tiered and flanged bezel, the dial is a masterclass in organised chaos. The hexagonal grid continues underneath, surreally breaking the barrier between case and dial, while six of the hour markers float on sapphire sections. All of the gears and bridges can be seen in action, but the most eye-catching elements are also the most dynamic. At 6 o’clock, the HUB6035 calibre’s tourbillon rotates in a hypnotising manner, while the automatic micro-rotor keeps the mainspring wound at 12 o’clock. The 72-hour power reserve with a 3Hz beat rate makes it suitable for wearing in a rotation, although with only 30m of water resistance you’d need to be careful around getting it too wet. The hands are also quite a departure from luxury super clone Hublot’s usual style, opting for a soft, elliptical shape which balances nicely against all of the rigid elements.

Keeping the Swiss movement replica Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A on your wrist is a custom-designed rubber strap which maintains the honeycomb motif, and offers the opportunity of tailoring the high quality fake watch’s personality. In black or white, the strap retains its almost sci-fi aesthetic while playing into stern sensibilities. The apple-green strap on the other hand launches it into a much more playful realm. Either way, it ensures a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience.